The Feminine Side of Chainmaille

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Femaillers - For the feminine side of Chainmaille.

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All Maillers welcome. This community is to discuss, share and highlight the fe-maille side of chainmaille.

Maille is not limited to armour. So many beautiful creations have been brought to life by the hands of many maillers that the art has evolved to encompass a wide variety of "wearables." This community is geared towards feminine maille, but not limited to female artists. Gentlemen are more than welcome!! From Jewellery to Chainmaille clothing, share your latest work, look for support trying a new weave, or just chit chat.

***PLEASE NOTE: This community is meant to discuss and share in the art of chainmaille, NOT a community to find free pornographic images. Any member caught lurking for such reason will be immediately banned.***

Community Rules:

- Treat each other with respect, it doesn't hurt to be friendly to one another.
- Ask permission to use a photo or borrow design, it's common courtesy.
- Feel free to post your website but add a disclaimer/warning if there is adult content
- Please friends lock ANY post containing adult content/nudity. Your post will be deleted if you do not.
- Please use proper punctuation and grammar. Text is our medium of communication so let's make it easy to understand one another.
- Absolutely NO flaming, spamming or trolling! Those caught doing so will be banned.
- Have fun!! :)

This is not a rule, but a request of new members. If you can, please post an introduction upon joining. It is always a pleasure to get to know those who share in our addiction to this art. Also, we have community tags for entries so please use them when you can. It's a great way to keep things organized. :)

Your Mods are lady_ronin, enchantress13 and nyxgoldstone