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Maybe it is time to stop lurking

Posted by tigerlofu on 2008.01.28 at 14:26
Hey, just thought it was about time to stop lurking.

I have been doing maille for about a year now, mostly jewelery, but also some bigger projects. I have been interested in it for a long time but it took a work shop at a con to get me into it. Now there always is rings and pliers in my bag. In about two months time I'll do a new experiment which is a table at a con together with another couple of friends of mine who both also do maille. I am playing around with figuring out what might sell and what might not. My main reason for this is that I love making this stuff, learning new weaves and experimenting, but there is only so much jewelery a girl can have or push on her friends and rings are not exactly free (though I have discovered that hardware stores are amazing). And I love seing people wear stuff I make. To make this even more fun and related to this community, the con is ConBust 08 at Smith College, it is a con that focuses on women in gaming and scifi and fantasy.
 Let's see what else, hmm, I am 20, European, a fire juggler, a LARPer (that is how I got interested in chainmaille) and a scifi geek.

Good Day!

Posted by creative_pride on 2008.01.27 at 21:08
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I wanted to say hello now that I have joined the group. My name is Kat Sanders and I have been making jewelry for about 1 1/2 years and playing with chainmail for about a year. I have started going an goth/electronic/alternative club and am making jewelry and accessories for me and my friends. (I also want to start selling some of my stuff to help pay for my addiction!) You can check out the pictures on my myspace page to see what I have made, though the stuff I just finished won't be up for a few days.


sombraro galexy

My second project!

Posted by gaiaeagle on 2007.12.31 at 14:00
My first project was figuring out European 4-in-1. I have a little swatch that I have no idea what to do with yet.

Searching through some chainmail websites, I found a pattern for Oriental 5-in-1 balls. Being the person I am that thinks about making jewelry more than I probably should, I used the pattern to make a necklace.

click for the picturesCollapse )

The necklace was made with 20ga 'gold' and 'silver' decorative wire found at Wal-Mart. I made the links using an old knitting needle, so not sure about how that translates to an actual size. But I had fun making it and hope that someday (when I have time) that I can make more.

Hello Hello

Posted by capnpookums on 2007.12.13 at 12:44
Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Just thought I would introduce myself, as so many people are doing :)  I recently got addicted to chainmail last year, when I saw the MetalDesignz kiosk at a local craft fair.  I searched them on the internet and discovered that both their company, and The Ring Lord are located within driving distance of my place, and then found out that a newly acquired friend of mine makes trips to The Ring Lord to pick up rings! So I instantly got him to pick me some up and now I'm totally hooked.

I normally make jewelry, but eventually want to branch off into the clothing/housewares departments.  I definitely look forward to sharing ideas/strategies/etc. with you all, because I'm a total n00b at this right now! :D

Hi =)

Posted by avionmaille on 2007.11.26 at 18:37
Current Mood: busybusy
Hi! My names Lanie and I just wanted to intro myself to the community. =)

I love making chainmaille and am also on Etsy (which I also love for the most part). Anyway, I just wanted to say howdy all. 


Posted by piscesgirl74 on 2007.10.16 at 20:45
Hello thought I would share a piece of what I've been doing with chainmaille.  I started out beading doing mainly jewelery. I discovered French beaded flower making as well. About a year ago I finally started to do some chainmaille. I saw this project and had to do it. Took me a bit to figure out the weave to do it, but I'm amazed at the results.

3Some 3

First Attempt

Posted by mirricats on 2007.09.12 at 18:11
Current Location: Tampa Bay Florida
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First attempt making Black and Silver Byzantine Bracelet using Black AA. I ordered a pair of Nylon Jaw Plier which will reduce the scratching.

Just needs a clasp.

Were Tigress

Help? O.o

Posted by nyxgoldstone on 2007.09.07 at 17:59
Current Mood: nervousnervous
I was invited by one of the teachers at the intermediate school I attended to teach her students about chainmaille during the medieval segment.  The students would be around 11 or 12 years old, I think, and it'll be just before Winter Break.

I've tutored, but never given a demonstration before!  I have no clue what to do... I've already thought about going in garb (uncomfortable, but would make things interesting), I figured I should get some history together about maille, and I know for sure have a swatch of Euro 4-in-1.  But, beyond that, I'm actually clueless...or even before that I'm clueless and don't even know it!

I would love to give them the chance to make maille themselves (Turning childrens into maille addicts! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *cough*), but I can't afford to pick up pliers and enough rings to do that.  Does anyone have any low-cost ideas that I could do?  What other weaves would you recommend?  How about delivery of the info?  I love making things fun, funny, and entertaining, but sometimes my humor can be a little dry and a lot of sarcastic.

Any and all information would be appreciated!  Thanks!

south park icon

heart locks?

Posted by petite_tadpole on 2007.09.05 at 22:56
I'm looking for a heart shaped lock and key, a real one, that works. I've done web searches, but I can't seem to find exactly what I want. (Which is something like this (only not from Tiffany's because, well, $125 is way out of my college student budget! I definitely want it silver or aluminum(or similar color). Any suggestions?

Happy crafting!


Posted by youth_thinker on 2007.08.27 at 18:46

I'm Kati, I'm 19, and just a wee bit of a maille addict (Maillers anonymous, here I come!). I generally alternate between 5mm stainless steel rings (from the craft store) and 16ga 3/8"ID copper rings from a friend (running low on those, perhaps ordering more eventually). The 5mm Rings are a pain to fix when the weave breaks, but otherwise very pretty. 

I've done a few projects for myself, a bracelet or two (6-1 and 4-1 box),a tie (8-1 and 10-1), and a headpiece (6-1 and 3-1 spiral chain that i purchased), and I also make bracelets to sell. I'm not that great at maille, I only do simple weaves like Euro 4-1, Euro 6-1 (and so on and so forth), and Euro 4-1 box, but the 6-1 seems popular enough. 

Well, that all the intro I've got in me, so I guess I'm done.

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